Hoping I’m here and working


I am not sure what to do here so I am writing to tell you I think I am here and that I will try to figure out how to write and reply. I miss you folks and hope that we can start blogging together again.

I had visits with all the kids and am now home until Thanksgiving when I travel again – if I’m able. Life is wonderful and WET!!! It is the “hard rain” season where I live and, at least, once a day we have a hard rain that lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to two hours. We call them “gully washers”.



Well….I hope I’m doing this right. Today was a busy one. I sometimes wonder if I will ever learn to slow down. I do have a “mess” of things to get done. I am flying to visit my sons on the 21st and have to have a lot of areas covered by then. I will be in Illinois for a week and then a week, or so in Indiana. I will fly home on the 4th or the 8th – depending on which is the better ticket. It worked out really well this time – my youngest bought the ticket up and I’ll stay with him until the 29th. The oldest will drive to get me and take me to his house and he will have the ticket for me to use to come home. They are good boys. The middle one will fly me to Atlanta later in August or early September. I’m really looking forward to visiting with the oldest – haven’t seen him in almost four years. Thinking that’s enough chat for now.
Have a great day, smile and hug somebody.


I’d do something with this sight if I could figure out how. I am hoping that this will post somewhere and someone will see it and let me know. Of course, I’m not sure I will know how to find what someone wrote – if they do.
I’ll just fade away into the unknown if that other place ends up closing.
Don’t get old and try to figure these things out – it’s much to challenging.
Hoping anyone who reads this is well and happy and smiling and off to find someone to hug.


I found this and hope it is a way to tell you all I am here and will try to post some now.

Someone read my last post on Xanga and asked and I am replying – yes, the lunch program I will have charge of this summer replaces school lunches for the children while out of school.

We had a lot of RAIN – today – with Andrea, but no severe damage where I live.  I’ve been in this area since 1971 and we have never had severe damage from a storm in all that time.